FM 309-1 Elastomeric Sheet

$57.50 sq ft

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FM®309-1 is a next generation film adhesive for bonding composite and metallic structures. This new film provides a unique combination of high Tg [360°F (182°C)], high toughness and higher temperature properties. This new film has excellent resistance to pre-bond and post-bond humidity and has a service temperature of 350°F (177°C). FM®309-1 adhesive can be supplied as a supported (woven glass, knit or mat carrier) or unsupported film at various weights and thicknesses. This adhesive film is suitable for bonding of monolithic or sandwich structures. Honeycomb sandwich panels manufactured using FM®309-1 adhesive film demonstrate excellent laminate quality.

FM®309-1 adhesive film can be cured at 350°F (177°C) in 90 minutes at 40 psi (0.28 MPa) or can also be cured under vacuum-only pressure. The performance after vacuum cure is comparable to that after pressure cure. Typical application for FM®309-1 include bonding of composite and metallic structures, as well as co-cure, co-bond, and secondary bonding applications